Officially Approved By: Karate Association of India (KAI) & Karate-Do Association of Bengal(KAB)

KAB Affiliated to: Karate Association of India & Bengal Olympic Association

Member: World Karate Federation, Asian Karate-Do Federation, South Asian Karate-Do Federation, Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association & Kalimpong District Karate-Do Association

KAI Recognized By: Indian Olympic Association & Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)


About Sensei Sushan Thapa
Sensei Sushan Thapa, son of Sri Kumar Thapa and Shantimaya Thapa was born on 8th June 1992 at Gitkolbong Busty. Gitkolbong is a small village near Lava in Kalimpong Sub-Division under district Darjeeling. Lava is situated at an altitude of 7200 feet and it is famous for its proximity to the Neora Valley National Park. One can get a beautiful panoramic view of the JelepLa and Rechela passes from this place. Lava is about 32 km east of Kalimpong. 
Sensei Sushan Thapa went to Gitbeong Primary School for his early education and then joined B.M. High School. Then he passed out his Madyamik Pariksha from Kumudini Homes, Kalimpong in the year 2007. For his Higher Secondary, he went to S.U.M.I and studied Humanities stream. 
He was interested in Martial Arts from his childhood and was inspired by his father. He joined Martial Arts class in Kalimpong in the year 2005 and was trained there for one month. Then he visited Delhi with his friend Sensei Ugyen Wangchuk from Bhutan in search of good Karate Master. Sensei Sushan and his best friend Sensei Wangchuk joined art of Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do under the Shihan Bharat Sharma in New Delhi. Shihan Bharat Sharma is one of the well qualified Karate masters of India and is qualified coach of World Karate Federation with the WKF Coach License. For the last thirty years Shihan Bharat Sharma has been practicing the Art of Karate like Shotokan, Goju Ryu, Shito-Ryu and presently holding a Black belt 7th Dan from Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do (Japan) and World Karate Federation as well as Karate Association of India. He is a qualified Referee & Judge of Asian Karate-Do Federation (AKF) as well as General Secretary of Karate Association of India (National Federation) recognized by Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sport).He also holds the post of the  Treasurer of South Asian Karate-Do Federation (SAKF).
Master Shihan Bharat Sharma invited them in a camp several times and trained them. After three and half years of hard struggle and training, Sensei Sushan and his friend Sensei Wangchuk passed Black Belt Sho-Dan (1st Dan) Exam in the year 2008 at Kolkata from Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do India and All India Karate-Do Federation (AIKF) which is recognized by Indian Olympic Association & Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports). When he was in the School he was fully supported and encouraged by Principal of SUMI Shri N.R Pradhan and Vice Principal Shri Zion Lepcha, all the teachers of S.U.M.I. He participated in different tournaments and made SUMI and Darjeeling Hills proud by winning Medals in State, National & International Levels.
Sensei Sushan Thapa gave importance to his further studies and got admitted in Kalimpong College taking B.A General Course. He wanted to give equal preference to his education too. But he left no stones unturned to accomplish his dreams so he practiced and participated continuously in different competitions and won Medals. His works were widely appreciated by the society. In the year 2010, he was selected to represent Indian Team in WKF Clubs World Cup at Istanbul, Turkey. He approached to Shri Bimal Gurung a political leader and President of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha for financial support who helped him in all possible way, Dr.R.P. Dhakal, Principal of Kalimpong College, Shri Nava Ratna Pradhan, Principal of S.U.M.I, and Mrs. Sulemin Sompu Pradhan, Principal Girls High/Higher Secondary School, Kalimpong and by his family and friends also helped him in this venture. On his return from Turkey he was heartily felicitated by Kalimpong College. After the fruitful participation in World Cup, Turkey, Shri Bimal Gurung and Shri Dawa Lama, President of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Sports Association advised him to establish his Karate-Do Academy. Thereafter he established his club  Karate Kids Club and started giving trainings to small Kids in Mill Ground, near Gym Hall, SUMI, Kalimpong. He also formed Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association (DGKA) on 2011 with the support of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Sports Association; to represent  official Karate-Do team of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Region in State & National level Championship .Than DGKA got affiliation from State Karate-Do body and keeps participating officially in State & National Championship from 2012 and makes Hills proud by winning Medals. He is smoothly running DGKA and keeps participation in different State & National Championship every year. 
After passed out his Graduation from Kalimpong College under North Bengal University (NBU) in the year 2012 and then he is planning to establish his own Academy. On 30th  November 2014 he renamed his Karate Kids Club into Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy(SKA).Now, he has made Kumudini Homes the Main Dojo of his Karate-Do Academy. His tireless effort has been richly rewarded. So, today he is a AKF recognized Karate Coach & KAI Certified National Coach License official and P.G. Diploma in Karate holder from Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai. He couldn’t have reached to this place unless many well wishers hadn’t rendered their valuable and generous help. He always feels indebted to all well wishers who had supported him and expresses gratitude. 
An achievement of Sensei Sushan Thapa
4th Dan Black Belt Diploma from Shito- Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do International (Japan)
4th Dan Black Belt Diploma from Shito- Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do India
4th Dan Black Belt Diploma from Karate Association of India (Recognized By-Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)
4th Dan Black Belt from World Karate Federation (Recognized By-International Olympic Committee)
AKF recognized Karate Coach (Recognized By-Olympic Council of Asia)
KAI Certified Kata/Kumite National Coach (Recognized By-Govt. of India ,Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)
P.G Diploma in Karate Holder from Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University
A Grade Referee & Judge of Karate Association of India (Recognized By- Indian Olympic Association & Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)
Founder/Gen. Secretary -Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association (Recognized By-Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Sports Association (Dept. of Sports & Youth Affairs, GTA)
Gen.Secretary/ Tech. Director -Kalimpong District Karate-Do Association (Affiliated with-Karate-Do Association of Bengal, recog. by-DBengal Olympic Association)
Member (Government Nominated Person)-Kalimpong Sub-Divisional Sports council
Sensei Sushan Thapa Felicitated By
 1. S.U.M.I, Kalimpong (2008) nominated as an outstanding students of 2008.
 2. Kalimpong Sports Association (2008) as a  National Gold Medlist,
 3. B.M High School, Lava (2010) as a National Gold Medalist,
 4. Sishu Kalyan Sangh, Lava (2010)
 5. Kalimpong College (2010, 2011 & 2012) for International Achievements.
 6. Lava High School (2013) as a young Achiever of Darjeeling Hills,
 7. Vrindavan School,Kalimpong (2014)  as a International Achievers,
 8. Kalimpong Municipality (2015)
 9. Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, Kalimpong (2015) as a Young Achiever of India
10. Parsuram Memorail School, West Sikkim (2015) as a young achiever in Martial Arts.
11.Vrindavan School,Kalimpong (2016)  as a qualifiedf or  AKF Asian recognized Karate Coach,
12. Paramount School,Kalimpong(2017),
13. Sanyukta Madhyamik Sikshak Kalyan Sangathan(2018)
Achievements of International Level in Turkey, Srilanka, Dubai, Nepal & Bhutan:-
1. Gold Medalist in State & National Karate-Do Competition.
2. 2Gold Medalist in Indo-Nepal Karate-Do Competition at Nepal (2010)
3. 1Silver Medalist in International Karate-Do Competition at Jharkhand, India (2010)
4. 1Gold & 1Silver Medalist in 3rd Akshay Kr. International Karate-Do Championship at Mumbai (2011)
5. 1Gold Medalist in International Karate-Do Competition at Thimpu, Bhutan (2012)
6. 1Silver& 1Bronze Medalist in International Karate-Do Competition at Colombo, Srilanka (2012)
7. 1 Silver & 1Bronze Medalist in South Asian (SAARC) Karate-Do Championship at Thimpu, Bhutan (2013)
8. Officially Represent Indian Karate Team at WKF 1st clubs World Cup at Istanbul, Turkey (2010) 
(i) 3 times in District Level,(ii) 2 times North Bengal Level, (iii)7 times State level,(iv) 1 times North India Level,(V) 12 times National Level, (VI)9 times International Level,(VII)1 times WKF World Cup at Istanbul, Turkey.   
(i) 3 Times National Level Training Seminar, (ii) 3 Time International Level Training Seminar under International Coach.