Officially Approved By: Karate Association of India (KAI) & Karate-Do Association of Bengal(KAB)

KAB Affiliated to: Karate Association of India & Bengal Olympic Association

Member: World Karate Federation, Asian Karate-Do Federation, South Asian Karate-Do Federation, Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association & Kalimpong District Karate-Do Association

KAI Recognized By: Indian Olympic Association & Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)

About SKA

About Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy (SKA)
Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy (SKA) has been established by Sensei Sushan Thapa on 30th November 2014. The main objective behind establishing Karate-Do Academy is to provide the young generation an opportunity to learn this sport, to promote art of Karate-Do as a sport amongst the children of the hills & GTA region which may facilitate the official participation of children in District, State, National levels  as well as in International Level.
Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy (SKA) is renowned Academy for coaching Karate-Do as sports in the region of Kalimpong and Darjeeling Hills. Presently, it is a Karate Training Centre for more than 300 Karatekas (Students) in two SKA Main Dojo,Dr. B.L Dixit Road, Kalimpong  and Teesta Dojo at Teesta Community Hall. The academy also giving the  training in several reputed educational Institutions  of  Kalimpong like Rockvale Academy, Dr. Graham’s  Homes, Vrindavan School, Mt. Carmel School, Paramount School,Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, Immanuel Academy,Pranami Balika Vidhya Mandir(Girls School), Lava Higher Secondary School,B.M High School, St.Stephen's Academy,Kaffer. The training is imported in mind Karate is now recognized sports by International Olympic Committee and has already been included in World Sports Accord Games, Asian Games, European Games, South Asian Federation Games, and National & State Level Games. SKA not only provides training to trainees but it also holds two Belt Grading Exam and organizes summer and Winter Karate Training Camps annually under the guidance of internationally qualified coaches. SKA also prefers to give Self defense Training to girls and often organizes Free Self Defense Training Camps in different schools of Darjeeling hills.
Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy (SKA) is -recognized by Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do, India which is National sole representative body of Seiko Kai Karate-Do in international affiliated with Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate-Do International (Japan), -Officially approved By Karate Association of India (KAI) & Karate-Do Association of Bengal (KAB), -Member of Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association (DGKA),Kalimpong District Karate-Do Association(KDKA), South Asian Karate-Do Federation (SAKF), Asian Karate-Do Federation (AKF) & World Karate Federation (WKF)
KDKA is affiliated to: Karate-Do Association of Bengal(Recognized By-Bengal Olympic Association),
DGKA is Recognized By: Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Sports Association (Dept. of Sports & Youth Affairs, GTA),
KAB is Recognized By:  Bengal Olympic Association, Affiliated to Karate Association of India(KAI)
KAI Recognized By: Indian Olympic Association & Govt. of India (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports),
AKF is Recognized By: Olympic Council of Asia,
WKF Recognized By: International Olympic Committee
Specials Features of Sushan’s Karate-Do Academy (SKA):-  
Traditional Karate, Sports Karate-Do, Physical Fitness, Meditation, Yoga, Self Defense Class, Special Self Defense Class for Girls, Private Class, Advance Level National & International and selected students will get participate in Officials  District, GTA Level, State, North-East, and National & International  Karate Championship as well as in Himal Tarai Dooars Sports Festival, State ,National Championships and  State School Games & National Games.
SKA Executive Committee:-
Grand Master
Shihan Akira Sato- Black Belt 8th Dan (Canada)
International Co-ordinator 
Shihan Wim Tewinke -Black Belt 6th Dan (Canada)
Chief Instructor/Examiner & Tech. Director -India
Shihan Bharat Sharma -Black Belt 8th Dan from Japan &, WKF & KAI
(WKF Certified Coach)
WKF Technical Commission Member
Hon’ble 1st Sr. Vice President-Karate Association of India (KAI)
Shri Nava Ratna Pradhan
Principal –S.U.M.I,Kalimpong
Capt. P.M  Pradhan
Principal –Rockvale Acdemy,Kalimpong
Chief Advisor 
Shri Dawa Lama
Hon’ble President
Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Sports Association
Tech. Adviser
Shihan B.B Subba -Black Belt 6th Dan (WKF)
Hon’ble Joint Secretary of KAI
Gen. Secretary/Tech. Director 
Sikkim State Karate-Do Association
Tech. Adviser
Sensei Ugyen Wangchuk- Black Belt 5th Dan (Japan)
Hon’ble President-Bhutan Karate-Do Association
Chief Instructor/Examiner & Tech. Director-Bhutan
Shri Zion Lepcha
(Black Belt 1st Dan) 
Ex.Vice Principal -S.U.M.I, Kalimpong
Hon’ble President-Kalimpong District  Karate-Do Association(KDKA) 
Chief Instructor/Examiner
Sensei Sushan Thapa- Black Belt 4th Dan (Japan,WKF & KAI)
P.G Diploma in Karate  from Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University,Chennai
(WKF Accredited, AKF  recognized Coach & KAI Certified National Coach)
"A" Grade Referee & Judge –Karate Association of India (KAI)
Founder/Secretary -Darjeeling Gorkha Karate-Do Association 
Gen. Secretary/Tech.Director-Kalimpong District Karate-Do Association(KDKA)